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How to Use a CRM to Close More Deals
A webinar with Salesflare Co-Founder Jeroen Corthout
Jeroen Corthout
Co-Founder Salesflare
Are you looking to grow your business consistently by getting a good (or better) CRM? 

Having a CRM is only a small part of the story. You also have to use the software, and of course you have to use it right.

Unfortunately, more than 80% of sales people don't use their CRM well enough to actually get the value from it that they were promised.

Salesflare Co-Founder Jeroen Corthout has personally helped hundreds of companies to get started with Salesflare and to use their CRM to the fullest.

He's condensed all his learnings in this webinar and is ready to share those with you, for free.

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Thu June 27 at 9am PT / 12pm EST / 5pm CET

Learn how to use a CRM to close more deals in 10 steps

This webinar will cover: 
1. How to keep track of everything without spending all your time inputting data
2. How to correctly organize your customer data in the CRM
3. How to build out a repeatable sales process using the CRM
4. How to keep the overview on what you're working on and what to do next
5. How to work in a more targeted way by segmenting your prospects
6. How to collaborate more effectively on customers
7. How to keep track of your sales numbers and use them to improve
8. How to make sure you have access to your CRM wherever you work
9. How to integrate your whole sales toolset and get streamlined
10. And how to automate your email communication to the fullest

Jeroen will show in practice how to do this with Salesflare, but if you're looking to use another CRM system, no worries: much of what will be discussed is universally applicable.
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Salesflare is the only CRM out there that is automated first and manual second. It builds on existing data so you don't need to input all the data yourself. And it automates your customer follow-up with suggested tasks and automated emails.

Most CRMs fail because people stop inputting data... which renders the CRM useless for customer follow-up, collaboration and tracking. That's what we want to change at Salesflare.

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